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Author of Nana still doesn’t feel ‘ready’ to resume the manga • ENTER.CO

At this point, the healthiest thing is to accept that Nana will be one of those stories that will never be finished. In the August issue of Da Vinci literary magazine (a Kadokawa publication that dedicates news, interviews, and essays to book and manga authors) features an interview with Ai Yazawa, author of Nana. The 55-year-old mangaka confirmed that unfortunately she is currently unable to continue her story.

Nana has been on hiatus since 2009 when the author first reported that health problems forced her to put the story on indefinite hiatus. That same year, when she left the hospital, many expected her to take up her story, but she almost immediately confirmed that she was still not in the condition she wanted. In the interview, she stated that the reason why she has not been able to continue with her story is that her illness keeps her hospitalized frequently.


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It’s a real one. Considering the affection that many have for their history. Even more so after the last arc left some big questions unanswered. The story, for example, makes jumps in time and shows us a future in which Nana Osaki has disappeared from the public eye. In the past, the protagonist deals with Ren’s death (finally showing signs of recovery), while more details of the love triangle between Nana Komatsu, Nobu, and Takumi unfold.

The fact that it does not have an ending is also a problem considering that it complicates the possibilities of a new adaptation. In 2006 the manga was adapted by the Madhouse studio and ran for a total of 46 chapters, which omit at least two of the arcs. The musical band from the original anime is particularly impressive.

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