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Austin Butler has finally stopped talking like Elvis Presley in his daily life

Austin Butler got so into character as Elvis Presley that he even started talking like him all the time.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Since he finished working on the film “Elvis” the actor Austin Butler began to speak in his daily life with the singer’s accent Elvis Presley, something that little by little the public began to notice, to the extent that they criticized him on social networks. He has finally recognized him and reported that he is returning to his normal tone of voice.

Austin attended as a guest on the television program of Graham Nortonwho questioned him about it, and replied: “People upload videos from when I was 17 years old, and to be honest my publicist told me the other day: ‘People are talking about your voice’ and it made me wonder if I’m sounding fake , but my voice sounds different when I’m talking to my dog ​​or my dad…and I thought, ‘OK, for one thing I’m older now, but sometimes I do a southern touch.’

Outside of the accent, Butler (who is nominated for oscar this year for Best Actor) also reported that he may have damaged his vocal cords while singing for the soundtrack from the film: “I think singing so much has probably destroyed my voice, my vocal cords. My voice is rasper now, I trained a lot and ended up singing everything. One song had up to 40 takes!”

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