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Attract prosperity to your home with a simple cinnamon ritual

Positive energy in the home creates the right environment to attract economic, work, family and love prosperity. A simple cinnamon ritual can help you release stagnant vibes to get positivity flowing in your home..

Cinnamon, a kitchen ingredient widely used to flavor desserts, dishes and infusions, is one of the most used elements in rituals for its spiritual properties. Eliminates negativity, helps with luck and fortune in various aspects of life such as work and love, as well as warding off evil spiritsyes

There are many ways to use this tool. Cinnamon rolls tied with red ribbons can be placed at home to eliminate negativity and attract luck, light incense to promote positivity and ward off bad energies, or grab a handful of powdered cinnamon and blow on the front door the first days of each month to have prosperity.

This recipe, suggested by the renowned astrologer Mizada Mohamed on her YouTube channel, will help you maintain positive energy at home to attract what you love most. The materials that you will use for this ritual are: 3 cinnamon rolls, 1 purple or lilac candle, 1 pink candle, 2 quartz (amethyst and pink), 1 red ribbon, 3 small wires, your personal perfume and matches.

How to do the ritual with cinnamon step by step

Step 1: Rub your hands and express your energy in all the ingredients, then spray all the elements that you will use in the ritual with your personal perfume.

Step 2: with the matches light the two candles. Take the cinnamon rolls with your hands and visualize all the members of your family with affection, love and living together in harmony at home.

Step 3: one by one, wrap the 3 wires in 3 cinnamon rolls. Take the ribbon, tie a knot in the cinnamon rolls and make a request. Repeat the same procedure two more times until you make 3 requests.

Step 4: Place the amulet on the door of your room or put it on the nightstand together with the 2 quartz.

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