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Athletic supporters threw tickets onto the field and shouted “Second Division” at FC Barcelona due to their arbitration scandal

Stands of San Mamés, home of the Athletic Club of Bilbao.

Photo: Juan Manuel Serrano/Getty Images

A sector of the public present at San Mamés, between the match between Athletic Club Bilbao and FC Barcelona, ​​took on the task of launching imitation tickets as a protest for the so-called ‘Negreira case’ and they have shouted ‘Second’ to the visiting team during the first part of the league match that faced both teams.

This was an action promoted during the week on social networks by ‘Iñigo Cabacas Herri Harmaila’, a group of fans that is located in the animation stands, After half an hour of the game, the leaflets in the form of tickets were thrown into the air in that area of ​​the North stand.

“The Negreira Case is only the tip of the iceberg. In the 30th minute of the Barca match, show them your anger! Download, print and call them by name. Mafia!” Said the call for the group of supporters with the image of the blue and scarlet bills, where you could also see the Barcelona shield, the dollar symbol and the word ‘mafia’.

Subsequently, and supported from various stands of the stadium, the cries of ‘a Segunda’ and ‘que cante Negreira’ were intoned on several occasions Dedicated to the Barça team that is facing different criticisms at a national and international level for the alleged payments to Spanish referees.

Actions of the party in San Mamés

In party actions, left us a victory for the visiting team, this motivated a goal scored by the Brazilian Raphinha in stoppage time of the first half. The goal was annulled in the first instance for offside by the referee, Gil Manzano.

Nevertheless, after the review in the VAR, the goal ended up going up on the scoreboard and it was the only goal that was experienced in San Mamés and that took Barcelona to the comfortable lead with 65 units in 25 games.

The goal came after the opening of the ball to the right of Sergio Busquets, so that later the Brazilian hooked and shot at the goal to score the goal at minute 45 + 1.

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