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At last! Maite Perroni announces that she is pregnant with this emotional VIDEO

Maite Perroni this time he could not hide his emotion, despite the fact that he is a very reserved person. However, it is known that the former “Rebelde” is happily in love with her recent husband Andrés Tovar.

With whom he married in a romantic wedding held in one of the most exclusive places in Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico at the end of 2022.

Just a couple of months after the marriage link between the two was announced, The actress who has stood out for her stage work in soap operas such as “Rebelde” has positioned herself in the center of the spotlight after announcing on the afternoon of this Friday, December 6 that she is pregnant.

It was through her personal Instagram account that the famous 39-year-old published a video where through various messages she shows her emotion and gratitude to life for allowing her to become a future mother next to the man she loves.

In the clip you can see how Andrés and Maite cut the king’s bagel and open a gift, at both times there are messages of love and welcome to their next baby.

The native of Mexico City did not provide more details regarding the gestation period, nor if they would like it to be a boy or a girl, but after the publication of the actress who rose to fame in 2004 with her character as Lupita Fernández in “RBD ”.

His fans have turned to positive and congratulatory comments towards the young couple, in addition that they are waiting for Perroni to provide more information about this new stage in his life.

“We feel deeply grateful to God and to life for allowing us to create our family,” is read in one of the texts that Perroni shows from his home.

Prior to her marriage to Tovar, Maite and her now-husband positioned themselves at the center of the controversy in the entertainment world, Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar confirmed that they did have a courtship.

But they denied that they started dating when he was still in a relationship with actress Claudia Martín, who was the producer’s wife before Perroni, this when she and the former Rebel were friends.

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