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At last! Instagram launches an option that allows you to delete accounts from the app • ENTER.CO

If you are an Instagram user and you are tired of the app, you can temporarily move away from it or delete your account, in the most extreme case. However, despite the fact that more and more users are deciding to take a break from social networks, in order to leave Instagram and permanently delete your account, you need to access the web portal of this platform through a browser and follow certain steps, which it is not possible to follow from the mobile application… until now.

Instagram began to roll out an option that will allow users to deactivate their profile, or delete it completely, from the cell phone directly. However, not everyone will have access to the new button. According to TechChrunch, for the moment, iOS users will be the only ones who can delete their accounts from the app. This is in response to the most recent update to the Apple App Store Review Guidelines, where the company requires that all apps that require the creation of a profile in order to be used include the option to remove them.

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If you are a user of a cell phone with Android operating system, that option will not be available yet. If this is your case, what you must do to be able to delete your account is to open your default web browser on your cell phone or on your computer and access your Instagram account through the link https://www.instagram.com/accounts/ remove/request/permanent/. Once this step is done, you will have to select the reason that best reflects the reason for your decision and then click on “Permanently delete my account”.

iOS users who want to get rid of their Instagram account from the app will not see their request made right away. According to the information available, they will have up to 30 days to change their mind, since Apple’s guidelines allow applications to take time to make such changes.

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