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Astrology predicts that 4 zodiac women will receive a marriage proposal

Astrology calls 4 women of the Zodiac to keep hope in love, despite being almost touching the middle of 2023, there are still many romantic experiences to live and according to predictions, some of them could end in a marriage proposal.

If your sign is one of those that appears in this list and you currently do not have a partner, it means that a person will soon arrive who will make you feel special and things will escalate so fast that both will think about getting married.

Now, if you already have a partner, the stars predict that soon an engagement ring will appear on your finger, which will be a symbol of the love that currently exists in the relationship. Who are the women of the Zodiac who will receive a marriage proposal? The María Rosales Horoscope site revealed it.

According to the horoscope, the universe knows that Cancer women are loyal, affectionate and devoted to love, which is why in 2023 it has decided to reward them. It is likely that her partner kneels before them with a ring on their hand as a symbol that her love is eternal. The key to “speeding up the process” is to keep communication open and honest.

His determination, passion, strength and courage in love have not gone unnoticed by the cosmos. They will be surprised by a proposal that they did not even dream of expecting, for it to happen, they must forget their pride and allow love to flow naturally, indicated the site specialized in astrology.

Sagittarius women are the ones who least think about committing themselves, but if their partner decides to ask for their hand this year, they will not hesitate and say “yes”. They will realize that commitment does not mean enslaving themselves, but a way of sharing life and finding balance. Married life is part of an adventure.

If Aquarius women love something, it is to break the mold and precisely a marriage proposal is what will turn their lives around in 2023. To their surprise, the idea of ​​sharing life with their partner will be well received, however, if they want it to come true they must be open to delve into their emotions.

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