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Astrologer predicts that a COVID variant will “defeat” vaccines: reveals when it will happen

The worst part of the pandemic is yet to come in the next few years. The world will shut down completely again because there will be a mutation of the virus that will be immune to vaccines and the infection will not stop, predicted the renowned astrologer Jessica Adams.

The expert even said she knows exactly when this will happen. According to her predictions, the World Health Organization (WHO) would confirm around Tuesday, March 7, 2023 a new strain that will “defeat” vaccines. This variant will replace the ones that are currently circulating and there will be no defense, he commented in an article he published on his website.

The astrologer based these predictions on the planetary movements that will occur next year, mainly the new Moon in Virgo on March 7, 2023 and Saturn’s entry into Pisces the next dayand.

He explained that the theme of the lunation in Virgo is health and will coincide with the change of sign of Saturn, whose cycle takes about 3 decades to happen. For this reason, the most serious challenge that we will face as humanity will occur in those days.

“March 2023 is exceptional in astrology. Saturn leaves Aquarius. The fear, the paranoia and the obstacles that prevented us from meeting in large groups, in closed spaces, goes from that point. Pluto enters Aquarius. Since March 24, 2023, there is real power in the crowd. Here is a reason why,” added the astrologer.

remembered that the last time Saturn was in Pisces in opposition to factors in Virgo (1993) HIV-AIDS became the leading cause of death in Americans in their 20s, 30s and 40s. And it is that he explained that pandemics always come in slow astrological cycles of mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces), a pattern that dates back to the year 1300 with the Black Death.

However, the picture does not look as bad as it seems. After said stellar movements things will start to improve, in fact, she said that the world will find a solution.

He predicted that ultraviolet light will be humanity’s response to COVID. Recent studies have found that certain amounts of UV light irradiation are sufficient to inactivate the virus.

For the astrologer, it is not uncommon for research to advance in recent months. She explained that the next arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, in March 2023 and that it did not happen in 248 years, offers a clue about what could happen regarding the pandemic. Aquarius is the sign of innovation, progress and technological advances.

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