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Assistance Brazil Who Has Right

O Brazil Aid 2022, a new program that replaced Bolsa Família. It is worth remembering that the benefit was officially announced by the government on October 20, and the values ​​disclosed on November 8 through decree 10,852.

Understand that Auxílio Brasil is based on different public policies for social assistance, health, education, employment and income. In total, the program will have nine different types of benefits, according to the government.

Keep reading to learn more about the new benefit paid by the Government.

What this article covers:

Brazil Aid: Who is entitled to receive it?

The payment of the Auxílio Brasil will be granted essentially to low-income families, just like the Bolsa Família, thus, those who:

  • Have an up-to-date registration in the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico)
  • Lives in extreme poverty with monthly family income of up to R$ 105 per person
  • You are from a poor family with a monthly family income of a maximum of R$ 210, provided that the family is composed of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or those under 21 years of age who have completed basic education or are studying

Even so, according to the law that created the benefit, it will be necessary to meet specific conditions to ensure payment of the Brazil Aid. Thus, in order to maintain the benefit, families must meet the following requirements:

  • Prenatal care if the beneficiary family has one or more pregnant women;
  • Compliance with the national vaccination schedule and monitoring of the nutritional status of all children and adolescents in the household;
  • Minimum school attendance

If you fit these characteristics, you can receive the benefit.

What is the Benefit Amount?

To begin with, Auxílio Brasil will promote a 20% increase in the amounts currently paid by Bolsa Família. This means that beneficiaries who currently receive R$200, for example, would now receive R$240. According to the Minister of Citizenship, the benefit will have an average value of R$217.18 in November.

However, another government plan provides for a minimum payment of R$400 for families living in poverty and extreme poverty. This means that, in some cases, the payment may be greater than the current benefit readjusted by 20%, so that the minimum of BRL 400 is reached.

For this to be possible, the PEC of Precatories is still being voted on to enable the payment of the benefit in the amount of R$ 400.

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