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Families of children with disabilities can benefit from an addition to the family allowance. Learn how to apply for disability allowance.

THE disability allowance is a cash support given to the families of children and young people with disabilities, to help with the expenses arising from the care that this situation requires.

However, this benefit is still not widely known, so there may be cases in which, having the right to it, families do not receive it due to lack of information.

Find out below the award conditions and procedures necessary to apply for this benefit.

What is the disability allowance?

The allowance for disability is a complement to the family allowance that is granted when “due to a congenital or acquired loss or anomaly, of psychological, intellectual, physiological or anatomical structure or function, the child or young person needs pedagogical or therapeutic support”, refers to Social Security.

The bonus amount is added to the family allowance for children and young people and it is paid to the child’s caregiver at the same time and in the same way as the allowance.

Who is entitled to this support?

The eligibility criteria for the disability allowance not only take into account the child with a disability, but also the person in charge of the child (the beneficiary).

When the beneficiary deducts for Social Security, it is necessary to have a record of earnings in the first 12 of the last 14 months from the date on which you submit the request for disability bonus to Social Security. This obligation, however, does not apply to pensioners.

The child or young person, in addition to not being able to carry out any professional activity that requires making discounts, must:

  • Live and depend on the beneficiary (from whom he is a descendant);
  • Need individualized pedagogical and/or therapeutic support;
  • Attending, being hospitalized or in a position to attend a specialized rehabilitation establishment;
  • Not carrying out a professional activity covered by a mandatory social protection regime (does not have an activity that obliges you to pay with Social Security or another similar entity).

In the case of families not covered by any social protection regime and who are in need – and as long as the child or young person does not carry out any professional activity within the framework of the mandatory social protection regime – This benefit can be awarded if:

  • The child or young person does not have a gross monthly income of more than 192.17 euros (40% of the IAS), provided that the household does not earn, as a whole, more than 720.65 euros (1.5x IAS) per month;
  • The household’s monthly income, per person, is not greater than 144.13 (30% of the IAS) euros and a situation of risk or social dysfunction is confirmed.

Amounts and duration of the Disability Bonus

How much do you receive?

The value of the bonus varies depending on the age of the child or young person with a disability and the composition of the household.

The total amount is higher for the elderly and increases by 35% for children with disabilities in a single-parent family, that is, who live with only one adult.

Old Regime
Age Disability Bonus If you live with a single adult
Up to 14 €63.01 €85.06
From 14 to 18 €91.78 €123.90
From 18 to 24 €122.85 €165.85
New Regime
Age Disability Bonus If you live with a single adult
Until 10 €63.01 €85.06

Until when do you receive it?

If none of the conditions that gave rise to the attribution of the disability bonus change, the support is paid by Social Security:

  • up to the age of 24 (if on September 30, 2019 the child or young person was already receiving the benefit);
  • up to 10 years old (if the benefit was requested from 1 October 2019).

note: As pointed out by Social Securityon October 1, 2019, the new disability bonus regime came into force, which entitles the child to the benefit up to the month before the month in which the child turns 11.

From when do you receive?

The bonus is awarded in the month following the one in which the deficiency was verified (if the application is submitted within the following 6 months) or in the month following the submission of the application, if it is submitted more than 6 months after confirmation. the disability.

How to ask for this support?

If there is already a disability situation when the child is born, the disability bonus can be requested at the time the child allowance is applied for – you just have to fill in and hand in the appropriate form (Mod. PR 5034/2019 – DGSS) for this purpose.

Otherwise, the request must be submitted within a period of 6 months from the month following the month in which the deficiency was verified. If the deadline is exceeded, it is still possible to submit the application, but the support will only be paid from the month following the submission of the application and there will be no retroactive payments.

Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in January 2023.

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