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Assemble Beauty Salon, Decoration Tips

Check out ideas for set up beauty salon, decorating tips and suggestions for items that cannot be missing from the establishment. When planning the environment, it is very important to think about the comfort and well-being of customers, in addition to considering the preferences of the target audience.

Assemble Beauty Salon, Decoration Tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

When you decide to set up a business, you obviously want to attract customers. And as many say, the first impression is the one that lasts, and that’s really what happens. People go to the beauty salon to feel good and change a little. So it would be unpleasant to find a “dead”, dark and uncomfortable place. To win new customers and ensure the success of the establishment, it is very important to decorate with good taste and creativity.

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What this article covers:

Assemble Beauty Salon, Decoration Tips

You can use bright colors in your salon decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Follow the suggestions below for set up beauty salon, decorating tips and main trends in the sector:

Bet on bright colors

The first tip is to work with bright colors, colors that show joy and give that air of change, light and life. An environment that is too dark can create an air of monotony and too bright has the risk of being dull. But, be careful not to create visual clutter.

Modern and sophisticated style

In decoration, choose something modern and sophisticated🇧🇷 There is no need to use expensive items, especially since you will renovate your salon several times. Acquire elegant and beautiful decorative elements, able to give an air of glamor and charm to the space. You can work with minimalist pieces, which have a design with straight lines and combat any kind of excess.

Modern and sophisticated atmosphere. (Photo: Disclosure)

adopt a theme

The decoration of the beauty salon as a whole should make people excited and admired. A trend that has been very successful is to adopt a theme to decorate the environment. Some people are inspired by the retro style, decorating the walls with pictures of movie divas and adopting furniture typical of the 50s.

optimize space

If the beauty salon environment is small, it is important to think of ways to optimize the space. A good tip is to cover the wall with several mirrors, preferably without a frame. It is also recommended to give preference to light and neutral colors when decorating, such as white.

It is important to use appropriate furniture for the beauty salon. (Photo: Disclosure)

Adopt appropriate furniture

In addition to being beautiful and comfortable, the beauty salon also needs to be functional. In this way, it is essential that you acquire specific furniture for the services of hairdressers, manicures and even beauticians. Some furniture items cannot be left out of the decoration, such as the hydraulic chair, the washbasin and the cupboards.

Put ideas into practice set up beauty salon, decorating tips.And good luck in business!

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