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Assaí Wholesale Card – How to Apply

O Assaí Atacadista card, also called the Passaí card, is a great advantage for anyone who frequents the Assaí wholesale networks. With it, you can make the most of all the benefits that the market has to offer.

Keep reading to learn about all the advantages and find out if it’s the right card for you.

Discover the benefits and advantages of the Assai credit card.

What this article covers:

Get to know Assaí Atacadista

Within the state of São Paulo, Assaí is one of the largest wholesale chains. created by Sugar Loaf Grouplow prices are one of the main attractions for consumers who shop frequently.

Why have an Assaí Atacadista card?

As we already mentioned, the passi credit card it is a way to encourage and offer more benefits to Assaí consumers. In addition to the advantages that Itaucard already offers, cardholders can make their purchases at a wholesale price, even if it’s just a single unit purchase.

Regarding payment terms, customers who purchase the Assaí Atacadista card have up to 40 days to pay their invoice. Other than that, because the card is Mastercard, it is possible to take advantage of the best of the Mastercard Surpreenda program.

Assaí wholesale card application

One advantage worth mentioning is that, as it is an Itaucard card, consumers can also access the Itaucard Controle application. With it you can check your invoice, latest transactions and available limit.

To download, just click on one of the links below:



Benefits of the wholesale assai card

In general, when applying for the Passaí card, you will have access to several benefits.

Check out the main ones:

  • Wholesale prices;
  • 50% discount on the purchase of tickets in different cinemas and theaters;
  • Participation in Mastercard Surprise;
  • 40 days to pay the invoice and much more.

How much does the annuity cost?

Want to know how much is the annuity? The Assai Atacadista card charges the amount of 12x R$10.90.

As for the Assaí card limit, it is not possible to provide an exact amount. This happens because the Assai credit card is an Itaucard product and therefore the limit is established individually according to the financial profile of the interested party.

Remembering that to apply for the Assaí card, you must have a minimum income, which requires that the interested party receive at least R$800.00 monthly.

Assaí Atacadista card limit

Another important point about this financial product is its limit, which is defined by Banco Itaú based on an analysis of your profile. Therefore, some items are taken into account in this process, such as: your history as a customer, consumption habits and your purchasing power.

How to apply for your card?

Making your request is very simple! If you want to order yours online, just access the Assai’s website or go directly to a physical store. You will need to bring your basic document such as your RG so that you can apply for your Assai card.


If you have any questions, you can contact Itaú to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Check out all their communication channels:

Capitals and metropolitan regions: 3003 3030

Other regions: 0800 720 3030

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (except holidays), from 6 am to 10 pm.

How to Apply for a Passaí Itaucard Card

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