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Ashley Benson celebrates her 33 years by asking for help to get rid of a stalker

The American actress began her career in 2002.

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american actress Ashley Benson is arriving today Sunday December 18, 2022 at 33 years old.

Her 33 perhaps arrive at a somewhat complicated personal stage, since the model has also been in the news in recent days for requesting help to get rid of a stalker

It is about a subject who, presumably, has managed to find her location and has pressured her with some demands.

This manabout 20 years oldAccording to Benson, he has not stopped at his harassing intentions, he sends messages to his mobile, writes to him on all his social networks.

Benson also stated at the time that she you don’t know this guywho harasses her and, obviously, never gave her his phone number.

That is why the dancer also filed a lawsuit to be guaranteed a protection order against this man.

The actress said that one of the “twisted” demands of this man is to have a sexual relationship with her.

She has received voice notes where the man cries and threatens to commit suicide if the actress does not accept a meeting with him.

He has also referred to a firearm, denounced Benson.

It’s a situation Benson has had to deal with for over a year now, but it’s gotten progressively worse.

The most recent thing that has happened, according to Benson, is that the man He found her location and approached her. in a way “terrifying and threatening.”

Once this happened, Benson made the decision to block the subject’s number, but he himself tried to contact him from a few 40 different numbers.

The model’s request to justice is that this man be prohibited from any type of communication with her and that he be prohibited from being less than 220 meters from the place where she is

Benson has also asked for such protection, as she recently became an aunt, her older sister Shaylene Benson became the mother of a child. in April 2021.

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