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As of October 15, notary offices will be able to apply for death benefits and maternity benefits

On October 15th, INSS beneficiaries will be able to apply for death benefits and maternity benefits directly at notary offices. The INSS and the National Association of Natural Person Registrars (Arpen-Brasil) established a technical collaboration agreement, aiming to expand this service category in all notary offices in the country.

The purpose of this cooperation between the INSS and Arpen-Brasil in relation to the death pension and maternity salary is to institute more agility and speed in the application processes.

In Rio de Janeiro, 168 registry offices of this type will be separated in 92 municipalities.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Social Security Law (IBDP) this service will be provided by notary offices completely free of charge.

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What are the advantages of requesting a pension for death and maternity assistance in notary offices?

The objective since the beginning of this collaboration between the INSS and Arpen-Brasil has been to facilitate the permission and handle it more quickly and flexibly. According to Arpen, through this new possibility of activity, the notary will be able to verify the beneficiary’s right punctually in the INSS systems, acquiring the answer in real time.

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The main promise and objective of the notaries is to help people who have been waiting for a long time in queues lasting more than 40 days. Most of these cases are at a standstill due to the lack of all the necessary documentation to apply for death benefits and maternity benefits.

How will the pilot project for the application of these aids in notary offices work?

The period dedicated to more in-depth testing of how this new request method will work is expected to last 30 days.

After a quick procedure in real time in relation to the beneficiary’s right, the authorization request is formalized with an adequate instruction dedicated to the documents for ratification, transmitting to the citizen and the institute that the concession is already in the user’s possession.

according to Arpenthis initiative will benefit an additional 1.8 million beneficiaries and will move the current queue that has been stagnant since July of this year.

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