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As a model for stylist Franz Muñoz, Lili Estefan’s daughter debuts on the Time Square billboard

Franz Muñoz, stylist to the stars, chose Lina to model his brushes.

Photo: Enrique Tubio / Courtesy

all the way up, huge on the emblematic billboard in Time Square, the stylist to the stars, Franz Muñoz, presented his new ecological brushes and had as a model nothing more and nothing less than Lina Luaces, the daughter of lily estefan.

Low the lens of the photographer of great celebrities, Enrique Tubio, and the production of MM 360, this photo session was carried out where Lina was the model of one of the most beloved stylists in the mediumwho launches a new product as an entrepreneur, some ecological brushes for all needs.

Franz Munoz
Franz Muños presented his new brushes. Photo: Enrique Tubio

“This is a dream come true, I never imagined that one day my talent would be recognized, let alone be able to launch my products with a billboard in the Big Apple.“said Franz excitedly, who also he has known Lina since she was in her mother’s tummy.

It’s that Franz, In addition to doing makeup for renowned world celebrities, for many years she has been a Univision stylist, and Lili has been her friend.confidant and takes it to any trip or production he has.

Happy with this launch of my brushes, dreams that you think are unattainable are achieved with work, with effort, with lovewith the people around you always supporting you, I never thought I would have a billboard in Time Square, just mentioning it seems so big and so unreachableand see me there announcing the union I have with Gangas & Deals fills me with emotion“Franz still remembers with his star models.

Franz Muñoz, stylist to the stars, chose Lina to model his brushes
Franz Muñoz, stylist to the stars, chose Lina to model his brushes. Photos: Enrique Tubio

What is so special about your brushes that they almost sold out in the single launch?

“The handle is designed to be more comfortable when using it. They are numbered from number 1 to number 16. In general, many brands give their brushes exotic names, and I think that by having numbering, they will be easier to recognize when using them, since each brush number has a specific function, which I will be telling you progressively through my social networks”, explained Franz, who clarified that they are ecological.

Lili also spoke about the subject in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, where she said that she would have loved to accompany her, that she drooled as soon as she saw the images and asked the New York public that if they see the billboard, you should blow kisses on their behalf.


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