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Arturo Luna, the new MinCiencias who is sued by his ministry

Almost 10 days have passed since Gustavo Petro took office as president of Colombia. However, since before his possession, Petro was announcing the people who would head the ministries in his government. Last weekend, he appointed his last minister, Arturo Luna, who will lead the Ministry of Sciences.

However, his appointment has generated all kinds of questions for one detail: Arturo Luna was sued by the same ministry. When Gustavo Petro announced the new minister, he revealed that he has a biology degree from the University of Sucre and later did a doctorate at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Biomedical Sciences. In addition, the president emphasized that Luna “led an agenda in sustainable use for the transition to a low-carbon economy based on natural capital.”

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Now, as reported in La Silla Vacía, Luna was sued by MinCiencias after it was revealed that his resume had inconsistencies. The Internal Control Office of MinCiencias found that Luna would not meet the experience that he was accrediting for the position of Science and Technology Manager. That is to say, what President Petro mentions, about the agenda led by Luna, it seems that it did not happen, since it was found that he did not meet the sufficient requirements to occupy the position.

At the time, Arturo Luna only presented supports for three jobs even though he reported that he had been in eight positions. Likewise, it was found that the certificate from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center did not have an issue date, in addition to missing apostilles from the Colombian Foreign Ministry. Now, we will have to wait if Arturo Luna presents the corresponding supports or if President Gustavo Petro will look for a new Minister of Science. It should be noted that he is not the prime minister who generates scandals in the Petro government, since Mery Gutiérrez, the woman delegated to lead MinTic, is also involved in legal trouble.

Image: Twitter Arturo Luna

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