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Artefacto Exhibition 2013 Curitiba: learn more

This Friday (24th), the Artifact Exhibition 2013🇧🇷 The event, which will take place in Curitiba, promises to present great architecture newslandscaping and decoration.

The Artefacto Exhibition will be held in Curitiba from the 24th of May. (Photo: Disclosure)

The show with the decorated environments will be open until April 2014.

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What this article covers:

What will the Artefacto 2013 show be like?

The Artefacto 2013 Exhibition will bring together 17 environments, signed by 23 major Curitiba professionals🇧🇷 Among the names present at the exhibition, it is worth mentioning Yara Mendes, Maurício Pinheiro Lima and Wolfgang Schlögel, Ivan Wodzinsky, Elaine Zanon, Luiz Maganhoto, Daniel Casagrande, Lupércio Manoel e Souza and Margit Soares.

You 12th edition environments of the show will be responsible for launching new trends in the market. The areas, decorated with furniture from the brand Show Artifactwill present both contemporary and classic features.

Different environments will be presented this year, such as the living-dining room, the executive loft, the gourmet garden, the urban loft, the hotel suite and the front garden.

Show environment this year. (Photo: Disclosure)

one of the big news from the Artefacto Show for this year is the launch of the Beach & Country line, specialized in rustic items to decorate beach or country houses.

Some brands of the Artefacto 2013 Exhibition

The Artefacto Exhibition is an event that usually arouses the interest of other decoration brands because of its importance in the market. In this way, the exhibition will be responsible for presenting different products through its spaces.

Among the brands that will take advantage of the Artifact Exhibition credibility, it is worth highlighting the Gray House Illumination. The company is committed to offering perfect lighting to spaces signed by great names in architecture and decoration. Another brand that will be responsible for lighting projects is Novit Light Design.

The event brings together great professionals in architecture, decoration and landscaping. (Photo: Disclosure)

When it’s about high-end custom furniture, the Moss Para Casa brand stands out for its quality and good taste. The company will be present at the Artefacto Exhibition, guaranteeing the perfect furniture for two environments.

The International CEO of the brand Paulo Bacchi is present at the opening of the fair in the capital of Paraná. After having great success abroad, he is taking over Artefacto’s branding.

To check out the latest news from architecture, decoration and landscaping, it is necessary to go to the Artefacto store in Curitiba, located at Rua Comendador Araújo, 672, Batel. The contact phone number is (41) 3111-2300. More information is available on the Artefacto Portal.

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