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Arriving late? Soon Maps will tell you when your friends arrive at their destination • ENTER.CO

New features have arrived in Google Maps and one of them will particularly interest you. If you are someone who is always late for all appointments, this is the ideal function for you. Now Maps will notify you when your friends arrive at their destination.

You already had the ability to share your location in real time. Now when a departure or arrival notification will be triggered. A feature that is useful in many ways, it will help you keep track of your friends when they are moving to infrequent destinations. It will even notify you when your friends arrive at the place where they agreed to meet. Activating this function is very easy, you just have to open the page in the application to start the configuration process. You go to the alerts that are for “every time” a person arrives/departs, so it is continuous. Maps’ reasons for developing features like this is to make it easier for users to coordinate schedules. Additionally, it will allow you to have peace of mind by ensuring that someone reached their destination without inconvenience.

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An important fact is that this notification can only be activated for the user who has decided to share their location with you. Those who share their location will receive reminders that this feature is on and that someone has an arrival/departure notification set up. In addition, it will be possible to stop sharing the location at any time. You can “block someone from setting notifications entirely.” This is just one of the features that are launching the application these days and is part of the updates that Google Maps is launching worldwide for both Android and iOS users.

Image: Henry Perks on Unsplash

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