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army pays double on hospital equipment for COVID-19

The person responsible for renting hospital equipment for the exercise at double the price was promoted, and the Federal Court of Auditors began to investigate what happened. Taking into account that public money should be used in the most advantageous way, that is, cheaper and more efficient, spending on more expensive options generates great suspicion.

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Understand the case in which the army paid for overpriced equipment in a hospital for COVID 19

Colonel Carlos Evandro and Lieutenant Colonel Andre Damasceno were responsible for renting five thousand hospital items for twice the usual price, the incident drew the attention of the TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União), in the process opened in September 2020. A copy of the investigation was forwarded to the Senate’s Covid CPI, but was beaten.

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The purchase made by the army was 3 million reais, and according to research, the same items could have been purchased for 1.6 million, that is, almost half the price.

Damasceno was responsible for engineering the operation, signed the project in 2020 and also ensured that the values ​​of the products to be purchased were in the average, a situation that is untrue. Carlos Evandro coordinated the expense, that is, he was responsible for signing the suspect contract and having the amounts paid. Even after the TCU begin the investigation of this case, he was promoted to Colonel during this period.

Find out about other irregularities in this case of overbilling

In addition to contracting values ​​that are incompatible with the reality of the market, with pricing almost twice as high as usual, there was also a promotion in the hierarchy of one of those responsible for contracting products in the army, even though he was being investigated by the TCU, a situation as much as you suspect. However, the case is still in progress, and its rapporteur is a minister who is a reserve military police officer, Jorge Oliveira, who is also a friend of the current president. At the risk of the investigation going nowhere, that is, many think that the act will go unpunished, a situation which generates a great injustice.

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