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Armchairs: models, prices, tips

know more about armchairs: models, prices, tips🇧🇷 When decorating the living room, it is worth investing in accommodation furniture to make the space more comfortable. If the room does not have space to accommodate a sofa, then armchairs represent the perfect solution.

Armchairs: models, prices, tips. (Ilustrative Photo)

Armchairs are always welcome in home decor. They work in the room as a true invitation to relax, welcome friends or do a good read. In the market, you can find a variety of models, so people often find it difficult to make the right choice.

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Armchairs: models, prices, tips

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armchair models

In furniture stores, you can find armchairs that please all tastes and align with different decoration styles. The piece with a classic design and neutral color, for example, is usually easier to insert into the environment. The modern model with a vibrant color has more personality, which is why it draws attention to the layout and does not accept any combination.

Armchairs make your living room much cozier.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Armchairs make your living room much cozier. (Ilustrative Photo)

Tips for choosing an armchair

When choosing a decorative armchair, keep in mind:

– Don’t exaggerate the amount;

– the armchair with an impactful design must share space with a neutral sofa;

– if the room is small, opt for swivel armchairs and dispense with the sofa;

– the armchair must never interfere with the circulation of residents;

– Do not choose the armchair just thinking about aesthetics.

Modern and comfortable armchair model.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Modern and comfortable armchair model. (Ilustrative Photo)

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armchair prices

The price of the armchair depends a lot on the model. The elaborate pieces made with noble materials tend to be more expensive. There are also economic models, which are cheaper and still value comfort and quality. At the Magazine Luiza store, you can find decorative armchairs from R$199.00 to R$1,259.00.

Buying an old armchair and renovating it is an excellent option.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Buying an old armchair and renovating it is an excellent option. (Ilustrative Photo)

People who can’t afford to spend a lot on armchairs should buy an old model and have it refurbished. In this case, the resident only needs to choose a type of upholstery that aligns with the rest of the decor and hire a professional to perform the service. This tip is interesting especially for those who want to leave the living room with a more retro look.

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Now you already have good suggestions for armchairs: models, prices, tips🇧🇷 Follow the advice in the article and find the perfect piece of furniture to make the room cozier. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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