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Argentina vs Croatia: astrologer predicts the minutes of the goals and the favorite of the stars

Astrology predicts when goal approaches will occur in Argentina and Croatia.


An astrologer has predicted to what hours and minutes the goals of the match between Argentina and Croatia will be scored corresponding to the semifinal of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and from their perspective, which team is the favorite to go to the grand final.

The albiceleste team faces one of the most important commitments in its history this afternoon when it faces the seasoned Croatian team, which has left Brazil, the main favorite to win the World Cup, on the road.

Argentine astrologer and soccer fan Juan Cruz Sirius, who has long predicted Argentina’s matches, released his predictions for the match which will take place at the Lusail Stadium.

Said the times where there will be greater chances of scoring They are at 16:10, 16:27, 16:35, 16:42, 17:08, 17:24, 17:29, 17:35, 17:41, 17:51 and 18:01. It should be noted that these hours are from Argentine time, so to synchronize them with EST time, two hours must be subtracted.

In an interview with the newspaper Olé in its online version, he stressed that the key plays will be from both teams and it is not clear which team will score the goals and explained the reasons.

He commented that to make his predictions he is based on the natal chart of the country, its soccer federation, that of the captain, the technical director, and also the natal chart of the World Cup debut.

All these data are from Argentina, but in the case of Croatia, they need the natal chart of their federation and the staff of their technical director, which is why it cannot be exact who will score the goals, however, he commented that Argentina is the favourite.

Sirius’s predictions have been surprisingly accurate, as he said, in the match between Argentina and Australia he predicted that the best chances of a goal would be between 17:30 and 17:34. “It was just like that, at 5:32 p.m. they gave Messi the penalty and he scored it at 5:34 p.m.,” he commented.

The semifinal between Argentina and Croatia will be played this Tuesday the 13th at 2:00 p.m. ESTand we will have to be attentive to the hours that the astrologer predicted so as not to miss any emotion of the game.

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