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Argentina responds to the password sharing policy • ENTER.CO

This week Netflix announced a new dynamic to prevent its subscribers from continuing to share passwords in Argentina: paying for extra homes. The model, in a simple way, will ask people to pay to use netflix por outside your home by tracking the connecting IP address.

Of course, the new policy has been quite bad among its users. It is well known that a significant portion of people share their account with someone outside of their household. In Latin America, the practice seems to be even more common, which is understandable considering that the family basket does not leave much room to pay for streaming services and Netflix is ​​particularly expensive.

And the Argentines have decided to respond to the platform by saying ‘bye Netflix’. The phrase has become the flag of revolution against the service: if there is pay for sharing, then it is best to simply stop paying. Users also seem to find some amusement in thinking that Netflix’s decision will end up incentivizing more people to choose to pirate the service’s series through illegal sites or download through torrents.

Netflix’s strategy is a response to its most recent financial results. For years the company knew that its users shared their accounts with other people and, in a certain way, recognized that this same practice had helped its popularity as an alternative to cable TV. But now that other streaming services are stalling and subscribers are turning to alternatives, Netflix’s response has been to monetize those that aren’t ‘paying’.

Curiously, a survey conducted a few weeks ago predicts that the reality is that these threats to leave Netflix will end up having little or no effect on the service. The reason is that in the experience of the research company there is a significant distance between ‘intention’ and ‘action’, so many of these people can simply continue with the service without sharing the account or even accepting the new conditions. from Netflix.

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