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Are your finances healthy? Take the test to find out

Are you doing enough to keep your budget balanced? The Positive Balance has a test to help assess the health of your finances.

Having the family budget under control is increasingly important. But will your finances be able to withstand the crisis? Are you doing all you can to save and secure the future?

Sometimes we think that our financial life is balanced and prepared for grayer days, but this is not always the case. There are habits and small oversights that could be endangering the stability of the budget or that could cause problems if the economic context gets complicated.

What weight do credit installments have on your budget? Do you know what money you can have right away? And how are we saving? Do you already have an emergency fund and a plan for your renovation?

Saldo Positivo prepared a test with the most important questions to assess the health of your financial life. Credits, savings and inflation are some of the topics covered in this quiz.

Answer the questions, view your score, and find out if your personal finance photo is perfect or needs some touch-ups. Also get to know some tips to correct what is less well.

How are your personal finances? Do the test

Do you feel that your financial life is balanced or do you feel that you have to make some changes? Have you been saving enough?
Find out the answers in this infographic from Saldo Positivo.

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THE Positive Balance is Caixa Geral de Depósitos’ financial literacy website and aims to make life easier for the Portuguese with regard to money management with the regular publication of articles, news, guides and infographics.

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