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Are you over your ex? Here are 9 signs you’ve definitely moved on

Sleepless nights and “what if” thoughts… Have you also brooded over the fact that it broke up with your ex? When you then completely ignore the fact that your ex met someone new and when you actually stop stalking him on social media – well, then you know for sure that you’ve gotten over the person (whom you didn’t think you could live without!).

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We’ve all had an ex that we didn’t think we could live without… Nights when we cried ourselves to sleep, when drinking wine with the girls happens to end in a text message to the ex and when we get upset about the ex’s new relationship. But the most wonderful thing is when we actually let go of things that are not meant for us and move on? Once you’re over your ex, you’ll know it – below are nine signs that you’ve moved on!

1. Realize it’s over

You have stopped thinking “what if” and realize that the relationship actually ended for a reason. When you stop blaming yourself for the end of the relationship, you have definitely reached a milestone. You have stopped dreaming that one day it will be you and continue to move forward in your own life!

2. Your eyes don’t tear up when you hear his name

In the past when people asked if you have a partner or when you heard your ex’s name your eyes started to water (maybe you even started to cry?). When this stops happening, you know you’ve moved on. You can look back on the time as a lesson or as a good time – but you no longer feel that life is over because of your broken heart.


3. You can enjoy things again

When your relationship has just ended and you and your ex have chosen to go separate ways, everything (!) can feel unmotivating and pointless. And it’s perfectly okay that everything feels sad for a while afterwards! When you start to feel positive again and can laugh from the heart again, then you have come a long way in your process.

4. Your heart feels whole

The period right after a breakup feels downright awful and your heart feels like it’s in a thousand pieces. But when your broken heart is actually felt completely again, then you are guaranteed to be over your ex. You will also never again let him have another chance because you know it will end with your healed wound being torn open again.


5. You don’t look through old photos (and get a lump in your stomach)

Maybe you are sitting with the computer on your lap, are bored and start looking through old photos of you. An intrusive lump in your stomach comes right away and you feel down about not being able to make more memories with him… But when you can actually look through pictures and look back at the time without feeling sad and anxious – then you know you are over your ex! When you also no longer feel the need to look through old photos and dream away about how wonderful you once were, then you have really come a long way in your process.

6. Stop thinking about your ex when you’re with someone else

You may have dared to take the step to start dating again but really you wish the date in front of you was your ex. When you get over these thoughts and are happy to see the person in front of you, then you have definitely moved on. When you also no longer wish that it was actually your ex’s lips you met when you kiss a new person, then you are guaranteed to be over him!


7. Dating others (because you want to!)

After a breakup, some start dating – to make their ex jealous. You might even post pictures on social media when you sense another person’s hand or arm – or really anything that reveals you’re on a date with someone else. When you start dating to you actually want to meet someone new and not to get curious texts from your ex, then you know you’re over him!

8. Stop stalking

When your near-manic behavior stops, i.e. stalking your ex on social media (even making yourself visible by checking events), then you’re probably completely over your ex. And surely it’s so nice to just let go and let the ex live his life without you having to check and analyze the slightest thing? You no longer need to look for clues if she has moved on and met someone new. You also don’t have to keep up to date on where the person hangs out on the weekends so that you can “spontaneously” go there too. Then you have come SO far in your process and know that you are over it!


9. Can be happy for the sake of the ex

Can you once again feel joy for your ex? Do you no longer wish for the worst and can actually be happy when you see that the person has found a new person to share their life with? Then you know with 100% guarantee that you are over your ex!


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