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Are you getting a cold? – this is the nurses’ best tip

With a few simple tips, you can try to mitigate a cold on the way in, even if it can’t be completely met at the door. Below we share the nurses’ best advice for you who have a cold coming on.

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We all recognize the signs, the throat starts to itch a little and the nose suddenly feels a little stuffy. Then the whooping cough creeps in and the cold is a fact. But there are some tricks to ease your cold. Below we share the nurses’ best tips!

Rest and recovery is an important key to getting well faster. Avoid stress and physical strain, which can instead have the opposite effect for the disease.

  • Eat healthy food with lots of vitamins

Invest in some extra benefits to help the immune system a good bit along the way. Even if you have no appetite, it is important to get nutrition to get healthy. Just make sure the body gets the right energy and eat an extra orange for vitamin C.

  • Wash your hands with soap

Be extra careful and wash your hands with both soap and water. This is especially important in times of flu when there is a high risk of spread.

Beware of dehydration, if you drink enough, mucus in the nose and throat will also become looser and easier to get rid of. Focus on water and skip fluid-reducing drinks such as coffee.

  • Suppress sore throat and cough with tablets and medicines

If you have a very sore throat and problems with coughing, there are over-the-counter medicines at the pharmacy that can make a big difference.

  • Use nasal spray or nasal drops

If your nose is very congested, you can use nasal spray, nasal drops or saline to help clear it. Some nasal sprays also have a decongestant function. Always read the package insert when using these.

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