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Are you drinking too much? 3 warning signs to watch out for

Are you one of those Swedes who drink more than usual during the holidays? Here, the alcohol researcher lists three signs that you drink too much.

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For many Swedes, holidays mean increased alcohol consumption. But how much is really too much? Psychologist and alcohol researcher Sara Wallhed Finn tells in News morning about three warning signs to watch out for.

1. You think a lot about alcohol and feel a strong urge to drink

This does not have to mean thinking about alcohol 24 hours a day. What may indicate a problem is that you think a lot about alcohol in general and long to drink during the day.

2. You prioritize drinking alcohol over other activities

Another warning sign is that the things that you previously prioritized in your free time have been replaced by drinking.

“You start prioritizing alcohol over other activities, you might stop exercising, you stop engaging in your other leisure activities”, explains Wallhed Finn, adding that this can also mean that you choose to hang out with friends who drink alcohol over friends who don’t .

3. You have an increased tolerance

What you should watch out for is a significantly increased tolerance over the past year. Increased tolerance means that you are not affected as much by the same amount of alcohol, or have to drink more to get the same effect.

“Tolerance is a sign that the body is beginning to adapt to the alcohol,” says Wallhed Finn. “It’s a warning signal that you’ve had too much to drink.”

Where do you turn if you don’t manage to cut down on alcohol on your own?

The alcohol line – Telephone number 020-84 44 48 (anonymous)


1177 – there you can see where you can get help in healthcare. Either at primary care level or within specialist care.

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