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Are you approaching 30? Here are 10 simple life hacks that will make you happier

Small adjustments are often enough to make a big difference to your well-being – with an open mind and the will to change, you will go a long way. Here we have compiled a list of ten tips that you who are approaching 30 should definitely start checking off as soon as you can!

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1. Clear – from within…

If you find it difficult to tear yourself away from various screens during the day, challenge yourself to take a few mobile-free hours during the weekend or in the evening. Start small and increase the “free” moments as you discover how nice and relaxing it is to settle down with a good book, to go for a walk and do puzzles, as a variation to the constant scrolling.

2. and out…!

And once you start clearing your head, it’s just as well to tackle those piles of clothes that are taking up all the space in the closet and all the packaging (that has passed the best-before date for long late) in the pantry. Make a plan for your cleaning at home and start grazing the areas one by one. Here’s a simple trick to help you clean out your closet.

3. Avoid negative people

If you want to be happy and be happy, the people you are closest to must want the best for you. Life is too short to surround yourself with bad energy!

4. Write a diary

Put a small notebook on the bedside table and make it a habit to write a few short lines about the day before you turn off the bedside lamp. It could be something you are especially grateful for that particular day, a quote you heard and liked, something that upset you or a meeting that spread good energy. Regardless of whether you go to bed with a wonderful or unpleasant feeling in your body, the diary is there to listen to you. Sometimes it can also help to sign off when you are in a bad mood.

5. Invite smiles

A happy face is contagious! Throw in a few extra happy smiles and you will most likely get the same lovely energy back, a real one win-win-situation. A stressful weekday morning on the subway or a tired afternoon at the grocery store – two excellent opportunities to try.

6. Volunteer work

Giving back is one of the most satisfying feelings. If you have a little time to spare, invest it in a charity that you feel strongly about, for example through homework, mentoring young people, visiting old people’s homes or a dog or cat kennel. The volunteer agency collects volunteer assignments from hundreds of non-profit organizations, check it out volontarbyran.org to find an assignment that suits you. The work will give you so much more than you could have imagined!

7. Spend time with animals

Who wouldn’t be happy to cuddle with a small, soft and cuddly dog ​​or cat? It can be enough to pet a pet for a few minutes to get an increased production of the happiness hormone oxytocin which makes you happier and more relaxed.

8. Surround yourself with plants

Decorating your home and desk at work with lovely plants is not only pretty – the green plants improve the air in the room, make you more creative, calm and harmonious.

9. Enjoy the food you eat

Don’t put up lots of strict bans, they often have the opposite effect. Nothing is so useful that you always have to eat it – but nothing is so useless that you can never eat it either. Moderation and balance are good words to start from. Don’t throw the lunch box in front of the computer, but take a few minutes (at least!) to sit down and chew your food properly. In short: eat real food, don’t skip meals and don’t feel bad about what you put in your mouth.

10. Be kind to your body

Treat your body like you treat your closest friends. You would never put your best friend down, or call her fat, would you? Don’t do it to yourself either. Think that you and your body are a team, you have to stick together and support each other.

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