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Are you also one of those who thinks that September is the best month in Asturias?

September… when the temperature of the water and the atmosphere tend to be even.

And the story goes back a long way… since the mid-nineteenth century when the bourgeoisie of the time and characters like Queen Elizabeth II did not forgive the month of September in Asturias and  made wave baths fashionable,  which are mandatory for many Asturians… and essential for those who do not forgive visiting Asturias at this time.

The rite of the nine baths or wave baths

« The old  ritual of the ninth of September» 

And he says that.-

For nine days, you have to enjoy nine baths, in nine different places in the ninth month and whatever the weather.

CANTABRIAN BATHS FOR HEALTH CARE There   are many who are convinced that when autumn begins to appear, the Bay of Biscay becomes a recommendable source of health.
It is tradition the therapeutic effects for body and soul that the baths of the month of  September have, which according to the Asturians, is  the best month of the year and there are legions of their own and foreigners who do not forgive the nine baths of September, when the temperature of the water and atmospheric tend to be even.

Carranques beach in Carreño

Benefits attributed to it:  protect body and soul from the evils of winter. (The regulars to this ritual claim not to have a cold)

An easy challenge whose prize is already received, in situ, in this placid sea that we have in September. In Asturias, with this weather, there is no one who coughs.

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