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Are you a businessman? Find out why you should register with MY AICEP

Registering with MY AICEP may be what your company needs to grow across borders. Find out about all the advantages of this reserved area.

If internationalization is an objective of your company or if you want to reinforce your commitment to exports, registering with MY AICEP it is an essential step. Access to strategic information, personalized support, business opportunities, training actions and market studies are some of the advantages.

MY AICEP is a reserved area of Portugal Export websitethe platform of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP) designed to support the internationalization of Portuguese companies.

From the moment you make the registration at MY AICEPyou will be given the opportunity to make a diagnosis of internationalization, so that you can assess your company’s level of preparation for export and/or e-commerce. If your company is prepared, AICEP specialists will help you to identify business opportunities, markets and e-marketplaces best suited to your activity.

Once the markets and business opportunities have been identified, registered companies can immediately start a action plan to enter a given market.

At MY AICEP you will also have access to consulting services and you will also receive alerts about incentive programs and useful content about your industry. That is, with just one registration, you will have all the necessary support for your company to grow across borders.

Find out in detail how MY AICEP works and how registration (simple and free) in this reserved area can have an impact on the success of your company’s internationalization.

How does MY AICEP work?

MY AICEP is a reserved area of ​​the Portugal Exporta website that provides intelligent tools and content tailored to your business. Find out how it works and register here.

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