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Are there still checks? Do you know what types are and how to use them?

It is a means of payment that was once part of everyday life, but is currently falling into disuse. Still, there are rules to know.

Do you still remember the last time you used a check to make a payment? If you had to issue one, would you know how to fill in all the fields correctly? And what precautions should you take if you are given one?

The rules and precautions to be taken when using this form of payment continue to be up to date, despite the fact that many consumers have almost entirely given up using it.

Even if today we choose to make payments using cards or electronic devices such as the smartphonethere are situations in which the use of a check can be useful and necessary.

Incorrect completion, unfamiliarity with the terms used or carelessness with the dates or with the expiry date can cause problems. For this reason, and even to protect yourself, it is convenient to know what types of checks you can use and what expressions such as endorse or cross mean.

If you want to know more about how to use this payment method, clarify all doubts in this article from Positive Balance.

Think you still know how to use checks?

It is a means of payment that is still being used, so it is important to know the rules for issuing or receiving them.

Saldo Positivo explains (or reminds you of) the essential aspects of using checks.

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