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Are there any changes to the IRS this year? find out what they are

There are 9 tax changes that came into force at the beginning of the year. It is important to know what they are because they will have an impact on the IRS to be paid.

The 2023 State Budget, like previous years, brought changes to the IRS. It is almost certain that, one way or another, these changes will be felt in your family accounts.

One of the main measures, in force since January, concerns a new change in the IRS levels. In addition to a 5.1% update on each tier limits (to accommodate salary increases), there is a reduction in the 2nd tier marginal rate. This drop from 23% to 21% is reflected in the other brackets.

The withholding tax tables (which define the monthly amount of discounts for the IRS) have also changed and additional changes are expected in July. The idea is that the amount charged to taxpayers gets closer and closer to what they should actually pay, thus reducing IRS refunds.

IRS Jovem, for young people starting their careers, also brings some news. The same goes for deductions per child or the reduction of the withholding tax for those who have mortgage loans.

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What will change at the IRS in 2023? Know the news

The State Budget for 2023 brought some tax changes that will have an impact on your family budget.

Saldo Positivo prepared an article that summarizes the most important ones.

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