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Archangel and the sad story that overshadows his birthday

Austin Santos, artistically known as Archangelhe turned 37 on December 23, but this date coincides with one of the toughest that the singer has been able to face, the death of his brother Justin Santos.

In his different social networks, he received thousands of congratulations from his fans and his famous friends, but this does not diminish the pain of Arcángel on these dates.

A few days before his birthday, the singer posted a video on his Instagram account to his more than 14.5 million followers, where his deceased brother was joking while they were taking off in their private plane.

This publication was accompanied by the message: “My daddy GOD bless you always !!!! How I miss you and adore you! You are the GREATEST thing in my life! Sorry for not telling you before. FOR EVER JUSTIN! Crazy I am not much without you! Mr. Santos is representing your name! I just want you to know! LOVE YOU”.

Despite the difficulties, the singer has boosted his career with a new album and a series of concerts in several countries is expected.


Justin Santos, Arcángel’s brother, died in a car accident in San Juan, Puerto Rico; which, according to the authorities, It was caused by a woman in a drunken state. This news shook the life of the reggaeton player and the world of entertainment.

The suspect was driving on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite directionwhich caused a frontal collision between the vehicles.

The woman, identified as Maria Narváez Torres, 49, was taken to a nearby hospital, where it was identified that He had a percentage of alcohol in his blood close to 0.29%Puerto Rican law allows a maximum of 0.08%.

From that moment, the woman was released despite the results of the toxicological test, confirming her alcohol level. This decision caused outrage and the Archangel calls for justice to be done.

“I do not believe that justice will be done, I dare to say it and I bet money. Anyone who sees this interview contact me to place a bet. Nothing is going to happen in Puerto Rico because our judicial system is on the floor (…) mentally I am already prepared for the case to go unpunished”, said the singer during an interview on the program ‘Lo sé Todo’.

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