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Aracely Arámbula shows off her curves by posing in profile, wearing a sports jumpsuit

Aracely Arambula.

Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

At 47 years old Aracely Arambula maintains a spectacular figure, and now he pleased his followers in instagram with a video in which he appears posing in profile and wearing a tight sports jumpsuit, all before beginning his exercise routine consisting of going up and down stairs.

The beautiful Mexican actress was also seen aboard a yacht while enjoying a walk at sunset. For the occasion, she chose to wear a purple bikini, but she also posed in the jacuzzi, always complementing her looks with a hat.

One of the best friends of Aracely Arambula is Carla Torres, with whom he celebrated Christmas a few days ago. in your account instagram He published a clip in which they are both very happy, and complemented it with the message: “With my sister from Vida 🙏🤶🤶 we enjoyed a beautiful family good night THANK YOU Always for being at every important moment, for giving me your hand when I had to let go of my dad’s 🙏❤️ THANK YOU FOR BEING MY STRENGTH AND THE SISTER THAT GOD SENT WITH MUCH LOVE FOR ME AND FOR LEO 🙏♥️👍🤶🤶 since we were 5 years old”. ✌️😅

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