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Application to see how your baby’s face will look

“What will my baby’s face look like? “How about using a Application to see how your baby’s face will look to answer that question. This is the proposal made by a site in English, in which it tries to reproduce the “face of your future child” using photographs of the face of the mother and father. The idea of ​​trying to reproduce the child’s face came about because many people, including you who came to our article, are curious and keep asking themselves: What will my baby be like? So it was through this questioning that the site began its quest to create an app to provide this answer to future parents.

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What will my baby’s face look like?

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What will my baby’s face look like?

Concerned with solving this doubt of anxious future parents, the website ‘Make me Babies’ created an App so that, through the photos of the parents, it could be reproduced the photo of the future child?? The application works in a simple way: Through the photos you insert, it reads the traits of the two to unite them and bring the similar traits into a single face, then creating the face of the couple’s son.

The site uses phase detection technology to assemble the baby’s face, so it is possible to predict in advance how the child’s face will look. Interesting information is that the site uses photos of celebrities, one of the most used in the montages is the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and even Paris Hilton.

In addition to the Make me Babies site, another one that also offers the same idea of ​​reproducing the future child is ‘morphthing‘ where it is also heavily used. With the same scanner mode as Make me Babies, it also needs a photo of the parents in order to reproduce the future child.

What will my baby's face look like?

See how this App works and have fun

Which Photo to Use in Apps?

As the faces of the parents are read, the ideal is that you select photos taken from the front. The sharper and clearer the photo, the better the final result. If you don’t have it, remove it before sending with a white wall in the background to facilitate the process. You will notice that the result is much better than photos with poor quality or profile pictures.

What will my baby's face look like?

Use your sharp photos that help Apps to work better in photo montage.

How to Have a Better Final Result?

Remember that the websites do not state that your child will be like that, they just filter how your future child could be, therefore, we suggest that in addition to quality photos, you use the two websites that we have indicated in our article to answer this question ofhow will my son be??

baby maker

Another option is the Baby Maker, an online test that reveals what your child will be like with someone else. The site uses photos of both partners to create the simulation. Therefore, the result can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

In the following step-by-step, learn how to take the Baby Maker website test to find out what your child will look like. The application runs directly from the browser and you don’t need to download or install anything on your PC.

  • Access the website of baby maker?? If you want, you can choose the baby’s gender, skin color and photo style – realistic or cartoon;
  • Now, use the “Upload Your Photo” and “Upload Partner’s Photo” buttons to upload your and your partner’s face photos. After uploading the two images, the montage will start automatically;
  • The result will be displayed on the screen. You can use the share buttons to post the photo on Facebook or Twitter. If you prefer, you can copy the link to the image to post on other social networks or send it via text message to your friends.

Like Parent

O Like Parent it is a free app for android and iOS?? The platform works as follows, just choose one Photograph in your smartphone gallery or if you prefer to take a photo at the time and after application you already visualize the result, thus being able to know the percentage of the baby’s similarity between the father and mother.

So you can choose one of these. apps quoted and take the test so you can know the possible traits of your future sonin addition to showing the final result to anyone who wants it.

Other app options are:

Ready! Take advantage of app tips to find out what your child looks like. Test it right now!

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