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Apple Watch series 8, the smart watch that detects accidents • ENTER.CO

Within the framework of the Apple Event carried out by the company with the bitten apple, the renewed Apple Watch series 8 was unveiled. The smart watch that not only surprises with its changes but also with its design.

One of the first features of the Apple Watch series 8 is that it stands out for its commitment to provide assistance in different fields such as sports, health and emergency assistance. There is no doubt that, with each new series of these watches, their use becomes more and more noticeable and important for everyday life. The 2022 changes give this device more prominence.

An important addition to the Watch is its temperature sensor. This allows you to measure body temperature and at the same time measure the ovulation cycle for women. This data will be stored in your menstrual calendar data. This smart watch model is also loaded with new technology that is capable of detecting if the user has suffered an accident. With this, the exact location of the device and of course the user will be notified to the emergency authorities.

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Apple Watch series 8 - feature

This functionality will be present in almost all devices presented today. To introduce it, Apple has put this feature through a series of tests totaling more than a million hours of testing. Regarding the autonomy of the watches, Apple promises that this watch will be able to work continuously for 18 hours with savings of up to 36 hours. Which implies that the charging frequencies will be less.

The Apple Watch series 8 will come in 4 colors, of which 3 will be available with a stainless steel finish. As a novelty, the Watch SE was also presented, which will be available from September 16 at a cost of 299 euros, although it can already be renewed online.

Image: Apple

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