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Apple wants its next iPhone and Apple Watch to be ceramic • ENTER.CO

For a cell phone to be classified as the latest generation and be among the top high-end phones, not only its camera and processor must be considered, its resistance is also important. In recent years, manufacturers have used different materials for the construction of phones such as plastic or glass, however, neither is strong enough. This is why some manufacturers have chosen to use ceramics, as is the case with Apple.

Although the company has not launched its first phone or announced the use of this material, a patent obtained by them and revealed by Forbes shows that Apple wants to bet on it. The patent calls for “electronic devices as textured zirconium-based components,” which would also have a matte finish. According to the images used in the patent, the ceramic would be used exclusively for the back silver of the iPhone. In addition, a circular central piece will be preserved where the Apple logo will be housed.


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But what is zirconia? Zirconia is considered a fairly durable monolithic ceramic, with high hardness, strength, toughness, and resistance to chemical corrosion. In fact, it is also used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. Said like this, phones made of this material would have a fairly high price. Still, there’s a chance Apple isn’t using pure zirconia, but adding it to aluminum or steel alloys, which would also improve the phone’s overall strength.

This is precisely what the company implies with the description of the patent, where they state that: “the zirconia-based component can be formed of a ceramic such as a partially stabilized zirconia ceramic or an alumina-hardened zirconia ceramic”. Now, we will have to wait in which iPhone model this material will be used. Regarding the Apple Watch, the company published the image of what the watch would be, but we do not have many details about it.


Images: Forbes/Unsplash

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