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Apple still does not want to get rid of the lightning port • ENTER.CO

We are one day away from discovering the new Apple products at its Far Out event, the first to be held in person since the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world. Among the new devices expected by the company is the 14 series of the iPhone family, which have had hundreds of leaks. There has been talk of its camera, the notch on the screen and now, we talk about its lightning charging port.

A video revealed by Ice Universe, one of the best-known leakers in the world of smartphones, lets us see a mockup of the next iPhone 14 Pro. In case you don’t know, the mockups are a “fake” version of the cell phone that allows us to know what the device will look like . Said like this, the video published by the leaker shows us a cell phone with a Lightning-type charging port; And yes, perhaps this is not a surprise considering that the company with the bitten apple has this type of port as a standard charging port. The surprise is that, after the decision made by the European Union, it was expected that this phone would already come equipped with the USB-C port.

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However, it seems that Apple decided to provide one more cell phone model with the company’s characteristic port. However, we must get used to the idea that this will be (perhaps) the last cell phone of the company with this type of port. This is because the European Union has already determined that from 2024, all mobile device manufacturers must equip them with the same port: USB-C.

The video also revealed a new dot-shaped notch and pickup design that will be embedded in the display. The notch-dot design is expected to belong to the Pro models proper. So the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will likely stick with the pill-shaped notch for the front shooter. On the other hand, something that generated curiosity from the video is that the volume buttons and alert slider are shown on the left edge of the phone. Now, it only remains to wait for the real surprises that the new iPhone series brings us.

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