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Apple pronounces itself before the restriction of sale in the country • ENTER.CO

A few weeks ago, Colombia woke up to the news that the 43rd court of the Bogotá Circuit prohibited the import and sale of any Apple device with 5G connectivity support. At that time, ENTER contacted Apple Colombia, but we did not receive a response. Now, the company spoke with El Espectador about its decision in this regard.

Let’s do a quick recap. Ericcson globally sued Apple a few months ago, alleging that the company has used its 5G connectivity patent illegally. According to the plaintiff company, Apple must pay an agreed fee for each iPad or iPhone sold with 5G connectivity. Apparently, both companies had reached an agreement to pay $5 for each device sold, which, according to Ericcson, Apple has not paid him since January.

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Now, within the statements, the Cupertino company argued that they will not pay the $5 dollars per device that Ericsson requires for using its 5G patent. In exchange, Apple declared that it will appeal the decision of the Colombian judge. “We are always willing to pay a fair price for the technology used in our products. Unfortunately, Ericsson has refused to negotiate fair terms to renew the long-standing cross-licensing of patents, choosing instead to sue us around the world in an attempt to extract excessive royalties. We believe that the recent decision based on a Colombian patent is unfair and we have appealed,” Apple said.

At this time, the company is bringing similar lawsuits in other countries such as Germany, Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil. On the other hand, although Ericcson sued Apple in several countries around the world, Colombia is the first country that agreed with Ericcson, punishing the apple company commercially. For the time being, the last word in this lawsuit rests with the Bogotá Court, which will have to analyze the court’s ruling and will make a decision on the matter soon.

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