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Apple is the fastest cell phone brand in downloads in 2022 • ENTER.CO

We choose cell phones for the design, for the camera, for the operating system or even for the price… but do we ever think about the speed of downloading content? Although the main responsibility is always with the operator (and not even a high-end equipment can overcome an operator in a poor reception area). However, manufacturers can end up affecting the download speed.

With this in mind, Ookla (a company specializing in Internet speed measurement) conducted its measurement of download speed averages in the second quarter of 2022. And perhaps one of its most interesting results is in the top of manufacturers with better speed.

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According to the Ookla test, the manufacturer with the best speed in Colombia is Apple with an average of 16.62 Mbps, followed by Xiaomi (10.96), Samsung (10.90), Huawei (10.12) and finally Motorola (9.95). On the other hand, Samsung is the manufacturer with the highest upload speed with 9.25Mbps, followed by Xiaomi (9.21), Huawei (8.87), Apple (8.73) and finally Motorola (8.19).

In the case of devices, Ookla found that Apple devices are the fastest, with the most recent models topping the list: the iPhone 13 tops the list with a download speed of (22.35), followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max (21.56). ), iPhone 12 Pro 5G (21.49), iPhone 13 Pro (20.82), and iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G (20.80).

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