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Apotek Hjärtat releases mushroom book – Metro Mode

Autumn is approaching, which means high season for mushrooms out in the forest and on the ground. But fungus is also common both in and on the body. According to a new Sifo survey, as many as 38 percent of Swedes have had a fungal infection in the past five years, with more than half believing that the fungus was difficult to diagnose. To guide you in the right direction and provide care for self-care, Apotek Hjärtat is launching a mushroom book where you will get answers to everything you want to know about mushrooms.

Photo: Apotek Hjärtat

There are many home remedies that claim to cure a yeast infection. According to the new Sifo survey, carried out on behalf of Apotek Hjärtat, just over one in ten women state that they have tried home-cured cream milk or yogurt against fungal infections.

Photo: Apotek Hjärtat

Although some fungal infections need to be diagnosed by a doctor, and treated with prescription drugs, some can be treated and prevented on your own. However, many home remedies, including skim milk or yogurt, have no proven effect. The mushroom book contains several tips and advice on how you can treat some of the most common types of fungi and prevent them – the right way.

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