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Apollo method, a definitive solution for the treatment of obesity

Did you know that the Apollo method is a minimally invasive technique to reduce the stomach through endoscopy without incisions or surgery? But that is not all! The results after the intervention are excellent, achieving a weight loss of more than 20 kg in a short time.

Another advantage it presents is that it is a fast technique, since it is performed in less than 1 hour and the hospital stay does not exceed 24 hours, unlike conventional bariatric surgery that requires a hospital stay of at least 48-72 hours.

Do you want to know more about this method? Keep reading because this post is for you.

Are the points of the Apollo Method released?

The Apollo method consists of suturing the stomach with an average of at least 50 stitches (5 sutures), through an endoscope inserted through the mouth. In this way, its size is reduced by more than 70%, creating a small gastric sleeve.

The surgical sutures used are made of non-absorbable polypropylene thread, the same as those used in conventional surgery. They have the function of approximating the gastric folds, which during the first weeks will merge to form the definitive sleeve, that is, a reduced and shortened tubular stomach.

In this way, the stitches do not come loose and keep the folds together for the creation of the new reduced stomach. After this time, the new smaller stomach will have formed and the sutures will have fulfilled their function, so that, as occurs in conventional surgery, some threads will remain inside the gastric wall and others may be expelled.

The Apollo method, like conventional bariatric surgery, achieves a definitive reduction of the stomach and also achieves it in a less invasive way, without extracting parts of it or making external incisions.

Who can be a candidate for the Apollo Method?

Candidates for the Apollo Method technique are patients with type I obesity (BMI 30-34.9) and type II obesity (BMI 35-39.9). In cases of type III or morbid obesity (BMI greater than 40) it is indicated in patients who do not wish to undergo surgery. It is also very effective in patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery and have been able to gain weight over the years.

This new technique is not yet well known in Spain by centers dedicated to the treatment of overweight and obesity, so misinformation and ignorance mean that they do not offer it or even discourage it.

On the other hand, the Apollo method requires high training and experience, and must be performed by a bariatric endoscopist specialized in it to guarantee its success.

Obymed, extensive experience in the Apollo Method

At Obymed, our team of endoscopists led by Dr León, has extensive experience and expertise in performing the Apollo method.

They have become international trainers for other doctors, guaranteeing excellent results with this new technique.

In addition, our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and sports trainers carry out a close personalized follow-up of the patient. In this way we achieve the goal of maintaining long-term weight loss thanks to the modification of lifestyle habits.

Safe, effective, minimally invasive and definitive. If you are interested in this or any other technique for the treatment of overweight and obesity, do not hesitate to contact us.

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