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Apio Quijano talks about the kiss he had with Erik Rubín in the middle of his separation with Andrea Legarreta | VIDEO

The separation of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin It does not stop generating controversy, which is why this time it made noise that the famous Kabah singer, Apio Quijano, broke the silence. He, then, has been implicated in social networks in this breakup, since they point him out for supposedly being the third in contention of the famous couple.

Given these rumors, the singer and driver took to his social network accounts to talk about this situation and send a strong message to his detractors. A couple of days ago, some clips of the tour presentations made by the artists of the 90s began to go viral, in which Apio and Erik kiss, although it is only for a moment.

Many of the Internet users have begun to spread the rumor that this situation is the cause of the Hoy host having decided to end the interpreter of “When you die for someone” after 22 years of marriage and two daughters, Mía and Nina Rubín Legarreta.

In this regard, Apio Quijano took to his social networks to talk about this situation and ruled out that he was involved in the separation of the actress and the singer, whom he also said he appreciates.

About the kisses that have been given at the concerts, the Kabah member explained that they are part of the show and that it is a moment in which everyone is having fun, For this reason, he assured that the rumors that put him as the “third party” come from malicious people.

“I want to talk to you about this issue that is getting out of hand and it is about the separation of Erik and Andrea, where I have nothing to do with it. Malicious people are uploading these videos of me with Erik, three seconds at a time on the ’90’s Pop Tour’ four hour show. Where it’s a moment and where we have fun, we don’t laugh and it doesn’t go any further, that is, it’s an acted moment and nothing more. And from there they are taking hold where I am destroying marriages. Do not involve me where it does not correspond to me, I respect both of them, I admire them. Erik is a great friend, he is a great coworker. I no longer want to continue talking about the subject, I no longer want them to continue asking me, or interviewing me, or for them to continue throwing me away”

Apio indicated, ruling out that he has a relationship beyond the professional area with Erik Rubín, who is his partner on tour and has made a good dumbbell.

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