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Apartment with masculine decor

Apartment with masculine decor🇧🇷 Many men who live alone like to have bold but masculine decor in many ways. A masculine decoration consists of certain characteristics such as darker colors, more functional objects, minimalism and predominance of materials such as leather, concrete, stainless steel, thick glass and raw wood. Straight lines and sober tones are favorites. However, there are several ways to decorate a masculine looking apartment🇧🇷

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Apartments with Masculine decoration – Bicycles together with the decoration give a vintage and masculine look (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Before starting the decoration, the most important thing is to define which objects you like the most and want to show. And already sketch out a decoration based on a style that you like. The most recommended styles for decorating a male apartment would be modern, minimalist and rustic.

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THE modern decor tends to use vibrant colors such as black, white, red or green. Sometimes a wall is only chosen for more striking colors. You can paint the whole apartment white and just put a special wall in black, for example. Accompanied, of course, by a decoration that explains why that wall is different from the others.

Modern furniture can be part of the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

THE modern decor opts for functional furniture and to have just what is needed in any piece. Super technological appliances are part of this concept, they serve as decoration for their bold design that goes well with modern decor.

THE minimalist decoration often complements modern decor, by also opting for functional and modern furniture. The main characteristic of minimalism is the simplicity and practicality of items in this type of decoration. Minimalist decor does not have to be modern, however the vast majority of modern decor is minimalist. Since it has been current to use only what is necessary and decorate the house with modern items. Black and white are the predominant colors in minimalist decor. If other tones are used, they should be in small amounts.

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THE rustic decor she gets along very well with men because of her raw and natural appearance. The star of this decoration is the wood, which can be treated with special treatments or have a natural look. Antique furniture is the most used, but modern wooden furniture can be combined in the decor.

A material that is also widely used is the pallet, which can turn into anything, from a sofa to a painting, coffee table, bar and bed. Easy to handle, the pallet is even found for free in front of factories or super markets. In addition to being an ecological alternative, you have several options with this material, usually what you need is a saw, varnish, screw and hammer.

Nature combines with any type of decor (Photo: Disclosure)

THE male decoration it should reflect the personality and needs of those who live there. Many men give a lot of value to the room where the tv is, so they value a good tv, home theater to have a good experience whether playing, watching a movie or even tv in everyday life. The tip for this piece is to invest in very comfortable armchairs and furniture that give warmth.

American cuisine is the most indicated for its practicality. As for household appliances, men generally prefer details in brushed steel and metal. Or sober colors like brown, black and gray to compose the rooms in complements. It is possible to incorporate a pool table or other games into the decor, just choose the right colors.

Have one apartment with masculine decoration it’s easy when you know how to combine the right traits. One tip is to choose the style of decoration that you like the most. Put the objects you like in evidence and don’t be afraid to be authentic, after all, each decoration must be the face of those who live in that place. see below Apartment with masculine decoration Photos🇧🇷

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