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Apartment service area ideas

Check out several Apartment service area ideas🇧🇷 Usually the service area is the last thing we think about when planning home decor. It usually serves to, in addition to washing clothes, put unused objects. However, decorating it beautifully and smartly is an important step to maintain unity with the rest of the house and, above all, to keep your life organized, saving time. The service area is getting smaller and smaller so you need to follow some decorative instructions to make it spacious, clean and comfortable. There’s nothing better than doing your homework in an environment that makes you feel good because of the beauty and comfort brought by the decor.

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Ideas for the service area in apartments – There are several decorating tips that can make your service area beautiful and comfortable (Photo: Disclosure)

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Apartment service area ideas

The service area of apartment tends to always be small if not tiny, so we separate several service area ideas in apartments To make them more functional and organized:

Start with cleaning. The service area tends to become a messy room of what we no longer use, so make a separation, eliminate what really will no longer be used and get rid of any unnecessary rubble.

Organizing baskets are a good way to store small items, or even separate them by color/fabric; They can also separate cleaning products, dividing them by room in the house: kitchen, bathroom, general cleaning, etc.

Bet on cabinets that fit a lot of things (Photo: Disclosure)

The floor must be water resistant. You can use porcelain, ceramic or inserts. The furniture can be placed on a 20 cm high base, which avoids direct contact with water. The best option is to coat them with Formica;

The essential items for your service area would be the tank, retractable clothesline and bench. The lack of space to dry clothes on the clothesline can be dribbled with a washer and dryer machine;

Functional and tailored furniture is a good choice (Photo: Disclosure)

It’s a good bet, because you can store cleaning products underneath it;

  • Cabinets that fit everything

Evaluate well before ordering the cabinets, which should have enough space to store the objects you want, such as a ladder, broom and bucket. Shelves are good options for storing other items.

Canisters, boxes and baskets can help with the organization (Photo: Disclosure)

Containers with lids are great for storing products – washing powder, detergent, softener and breakage take away that market shelf appearance (with a million different labels).

Do not forget that this place can also be very beautiful and pleasant. Choose paintings that match the piece or place flowers in some corners and your service area will have an even more pleasant look.

Ideas for service area in apartments Photos

Check now the photos that we separated to illustrate the service area ideas in apartments cited:

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