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Antonio de la Rúa, Shakira’s ex-partner, reacts to the Colombian’s new song dedicated to Piqué

After the controversial launch of Shakira with the producer and also composer, the Argentine Bizarrap, who has undoubtedly generated a great deal of controversy due to his lyrics that are addressed directly to his former partner of more than 12 years, the soccer player Gerard Pique, and his current girlfriend.

Shakira, has gone through a difficult sentimental situation after separating from who was the love of her life for many years and with whom she has two children in common Sasha and Milan. Currently, the woman from Barranquilla will move to Miami to have custody of her children and her ex-partner will travel to see them.

Gerard Piqué, has been able to settle down with his new partner Clara Chía Marti, a 23-year-old girl, who apparently is not well known by the media, although some details are known about the work of his parents who are apparently very important people in Spain.

Shakira has been able to recover from her breakup thanks to the support of her family and friends, who have allowed her to get ahead. However, her followers have found a detail of her ex-partner Antonio de la Rúa that caught the attention of the artist’s fans.

Instagram of Antonio de la Rúa

After the release of the new single by the singer of Shakira and Bizarrap that has sparked so much controversy, it was possible to see that who was her partner for 10 years gave a like to the singer’s publication where she announced her new song.

This is the one of the few times that we realize the great affection that both characters continue to profess. And how their love turned into a love that will always unite them, without the need to continue together in romantic matters.

Therefore, this gesture also revealed that Shakira had a cordial break with De la Rúa, since they are still aware of each other. So one point to Shaki, for ending on good terms with most of her partners and teaching us that despite her song, you can also say goodbye with maturity.

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