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Antikrundan 2023 – here are the resorts that will be visited this summer

This summer, Antikrundan goes on its annual tour to scout out the Swedish people’s antiques all over the country. The recordings start with a visit to Stockholm’s city hall and are followed by a visit abroad to Mariehamn on Åland and on to Borlänge, Motala, Karlskrona and Landskrona.

Photo: SVT

Antikrundan is one of SVT’s great successes and this year marks 35 years since the program was broadcast for the very first time. Many of the popular experts, such as Knut Knutson, Bo Knutsson and Anette Granlund, have been involved since the start in 1989. But several of the more recently added experts will also participate in this year’s recordings, such as Rickard Thunér, Carolina Tüür and Joakim Bengtsson, among others.

– The fact that we are starting this summer’s tour by recording Antikrundan in the Blue Hall in Stockholm’s city hall feels fantastic – I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to start Antikrundan! Also being able to bring the Antikrundan to Åland feels absolutely right in these times of closer contact and closer cooperation between Sweden and Finland. It simply feels like a great round and I’m already looking forward to August, says Anne Lundberg, program manager for Antikrundan for 24 years.

In the summer of 2023, Antikrundan’s tour starts in Stockholm’s historic city hall, which also celebrates 100 years this year.

Recording locations for summer 2023

20th of August: Stockholm City Hall
22 August: Mariehamn Alandica, Åland
August 27th: Borlänge Rommehedslager
August 29: Motala, Locomotive workshop
August 31: Karlskrona Stumholmen
2 September: Landskrona Art Gallery

As of Thursday, March 23, registration for Antikrundan’s 2023 tour is open at antikrundan.svt.se
You who visit Antikrundan can take a maximum of 10 items with you.

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