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Anticipation of sickness benefit

Anticipation of sickness benefit will occur. This measure was determined by the government during the covid-19 pandemic in April, and was extended in the last week of October.

It comes with the intention of benefiting those who suffer from some aphasia and are unable to fulfill their work for a period.

The payment of this right will be made during the period of the medical certificate, with a maximum period of two months.

All this action was carried out by an ordinance of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) in conjunction with the Special Secretariat for Labor Welfare, which belongs to the Ministry of Economy??

The disclosure of this occurrence took place on November 3 through the Official Gazette of the Union.

However, for this to occur, the deadline must not exceed December 31. Understand.

What this article covers:

How to apply for sickness benefit?

In order to apply for sick pay, you must obtain a recent and detailed medical report on the illness that the applicant has and the time that the leave must occur, which must be longer than 15 days.

Even if it is not essential, it is interesting that the report contains the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) of the disease.

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With the report in hand, the employee must forward it to the company that is hired so that the removal form can be completed, which must include the last day of work of the contractor.

After these two steps, a medical examination at the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) must be scheduled with the acquired documents. This scheduling can be carried out by the company, however, it has no obligation to do so, which must be carried out by the applicant for the benefit.

If the illness was caused due to an accident at work, the company will need to provide the contractor with a copy of the CAT, communication of the accident at work. It should be made clear that the CAT is also provided when occupational illnesses occur.

The lack of CAT does not make it unfeasible to receive sick pay.

To be eligible for assistance, the worker must have made 12 contributions before leaving. In case of serious illness or accident, the grace period is not required.

The diseases considered serious are: active tuberculosis; leprosy; mental alienation; blindness; irreversible and disabling paralysis; parkinson, severe heart disease; severe nephropathy; ankylosing spondyloarthritis; radiation contamination based on completion of specialist medicine and advanced stage of Paget’s disease, (osteitis deformans) acquired immune deficiency syndrome — AIDS.

How does anticipation of sickness benefit work?

The worker who obtains the anticipation of the sickness benefit when he is unable to carry out a job for a while without the need for medical expertise, just send a medical certificate with a declaration of responsibility through the document available on the INSS portal or on the Meu INSS app .

To receive the sickness benefit, the period in advance is up to 60 days.

Therefore, anticipation is here to help those who are eligible for acquisition and should help many Brazilians in this troubled end of the year and with such inconsistent prices.

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