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Another changes in the living room – more and more japandi salon

One of my favorite ways to relax is to act. The sense of satisfaction regenerates my body, and as I have plenty of ideas, what I can do, I change whenever I can. My “restless hands syndrome” translated into more changes in the living room. Today I want to show you four that have happened in recent months. This is not all that is on my mind at this point. Most of them are DIY projects, so I give myself the time to do them. And now I invite you to our more atmospheric salon.

Another changes in the living room – more and more in the japandi style


My youngest child finally stopped throwing and eating the soil from the flowers, so my parlor ficus could return to its place. Initially, I wanted to make a clever DIY pot by joining two pots together, but I couldn’t find the right shape. I was tempted by a garden pot that fits perfectly into our living room.


As for the carpet in the living room, I knew it would add a lot of coziness and beautifully separate the rest area. However, I was not entirely sure if the carpet, children and a dog were a good combination. For that, we needed a large 200 × 300 cm rug, and I didn’t want to spend millions on it either. And these considerations took me about a year and a half. But in the end I got the perfect one and I absolutely do not regret this decision. We have a carpet for several months now, so it survived the first stains and the doggy’s morning stretching. Despite the fact that it is a string carpet, it does not puff, does not shed and it is easy to remove stains from it. And the self-propelled vacuum cleaner easily drives on it and collects the rubbish.

Our carpet is a Balta Timber rug with dimensions of 200 × 290 cm from the Arte living room.

japandi salon

japandi salon


We found this table in the attic. I was very fascinated by its form and the fact that it has drawers. It was slightly worn but we decided to give it a shot. The longer he stood in the living room, the more I felt he should be dark. And although I know that this color will not appeal to everyone, thanks to this change it has acquired a lot of nobility. And there is a clear eye-catcher in the lounge area of ​​the living room. There are still drawers during the changes, but when I finish them, expect a post with a metamorphosis. Because I used non-standard solutions for an interior piece of furniture.

japandi salon

japandi salon

japandi salon

japandi salon


My need for pillows in the lounge varies with the seasons. I noticed such a regularity and I don’t think I will argue with it. The constant cushions on the sofas were what the children and husband lacked the most, so I found an intermediate solution. Three pillows wandering between the sofas. I used the ones we had and sewed pillowcases from the leftover material with which we upholstered the sofas. But the closer to autumn, the more cushions in me are.

japandi salon

japandi salon

Summary of changes:

  • Jysk garden pot
  • Arte.pl carpet
  • a bench found in the attic after my metamorphosis
  • pillowcases made by me from the material that was left after changing the upholstery on the sofas

I like how this salon changes. I have a lot of fun with this fun with accessories, furniture modifications, but also the uncertainty of the final effect. It’s DIY after all, and you never know what it will be like. But it usually comes out as expected. All these changes also reassure me that the house is alive. We create it day by day, week by week, and it changes as our lives change. If you want to see what the salon looked like before these changes, check out the post about its main metamorphosis.

Which of the changes do you like the most?

The partner of the entry is the Arte.pl salon

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