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Anna’s Pepparkor becomes milk chocolate – Metro Mode

Three years ago, Annas Gingerbread took the step from the cookie shelf to the freezer with Annas Gingerbread ice cream and now the range is being expanded further with a completely new category; confectionery. With a combination of smooth milk chocolate of the highest quality and crispy gingerbread pieces, Annas launches its first chocolate cake. Anna’s Original Milk Chocolate Cake is designed in different sized chocolate pieces, perfect for sharing several pieces or to satisfy your own smaller or larger chocolate cravings.

Now Annas Pepparkakor is stepping into confectionery with its Annas Original Milk Chocolate. The new chocolate is aimed at consumers who like both Anna’s gingerbread and milk chocolate and want to find a new combination of their favorites to share at all Christmas gatherings or to treat themselves.

A sustainable chocolate cake with Rainforest Alliance Certification

Annas Original milk chocolate is a perfect combination of smooth and creamy chocolate of the finest quality combined with crunchy, crushed Annas Original gingerbread cookies. The chocolate cake is made from sustainable cocoa beans and has a Rainforrest Alliance Certification (RAC). RAC works to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities and to promote their human rights.

– In Sweden, we love both gingerbread and chocolate, and being able to combine the two in a really high-quality product feels exciting! We hope that Anna’s Original Milk Chocolate will be appreciated by many and enjoyed at several Christmas gatherings or in your own company with a good cup of coffee, says Eva Forsberg, Category Marketing Manager at Anna’s Pepparkakor.

Anna’s Original Milk Chocolate is aimed at all chocolate and gingerbread lovers and, with its unique design, is both perfect for sharing or enjoying with your own company, whether you just want a small piece or fancy several large ones.

Anna’s Original Milk Chocolate will be available in grocery stores at the recommended price of SEK 34.90.

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