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Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, launches again against Ingrid Coronado and agrees with her ex, Charly López

Anna Ferro broke the silence and gave his support to Charlie Lopezafter he gave an interview in which he assured that Ingrid Coronado He was waiting to be notified about the death of Fernando del Solarwho was her husband and with whom she had two children.

The widow of the host of Venga la Alegría and the Hoy program assured that the former member of Garibaldi told the truth in his conversation with an entertainment magazine.

The last wife of the Argentine presenter, who died on June 30, spoke with Televisa’s morning program, in which she reacted to the recent statements made by the singer of “La ventanita” to Tv Notas magazine.

Where he assured that his ex-partner had had a bad attitude when the Argentine was sick with cancer. She also stressed that her husband told her some anecdotes, however, he did not want to tell them, so he only limited himself to saying that López told the truth.

“You are making it difficult for me because my husband told me several things. I want to save it for another time. Mr. Charly speaks the truth”


said Ferro, who has received the support of the singer and driver after he Coronado began to say that Fernando del Solar’s widow was occupying one of his houses and that he had even removed several things from the site after the death of the Argentine actor.

During the conversation, he reaffirmed that the children of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado, Luciano and Paolo, are not helpless, as stated by the former host of Venga la Alegría.

Anna recalled that while she is the executor of the beloved TV host’s estate, his children are included in the document, as he would never have left them without his protectionTherefore, with these statements, he once again denies the version of the writer of the book “MujerOn”.

“I am the executor, his children appear there (in the will), in fact, there is a clause in which Fer says for past, future assets… he also leaves it said there. There are other documents that I cannot say, which includes me, because there was going to be a change in the will. I still live where I lived with Fer, which was an apartment in Cuernavaca. When they opened this mess -that I lived in Ingrid’s house- I didn’t understand”


Meanwhile, after the death of Fernando del Solar, Ingrid Coronado reported that she would initiate legal proceedings against Anna Ferro so that her children could get their share of the inheritance, since she considered that she had left them without property.

Likewise, the now radio announcer is in the middle of the controversy because she is also fighting over a property with her ex-husband and father of her son Emiliano, Charly López, who this year broke the silence by revealing complicated situations that she experienced with the presenter.

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